• Assist for Home windows 98 / for Windows2000 / XP / NT sign voltage (0.5V~5V).
  • Assist 4‑channel encompass sound output, assist DLS sound library know-how, assist A3D 1.0 and DS3D, appropriate with DirectSound 3D and EAX sound results. Helps 24‑bit SPDIF, OUT and SPDIF IN on the identical time, and helps optical fiber enter and
  • This card helps music synthesizer, conventional sound card, and supportsfull duplex playback and recording.
  • Assist Direct Music ‑SPDIF digital audio indicators: 24‑bit stereo, 44KHzsound sampling recording and playback, 120dB sound high quality full duplex playback recording.

EAN: 8269761518434


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